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Directions To Richmond Lodge, Melbourne.

If you are coming to Melbourne for a holiday or even a few nights, accommodation will be needed. Most people don’t like to be squashed into a small space as it is not very restful. We offer Melbourne short stay apartments for people who like to spread out into several rooms. These apartments are ideal when you have a family. You can also put your children to bed at their normal time and you don’t have to creep around for fear of waking them up.

Instead, you can watch a movie or enjoy conversation without whispering. Our Melbourne short stay accommodation breaks through the boundaries that were once set for apartments, where you had to sign a long lease before moving in. However, a lease is not necessary now because you will not be staying permanently. Instead, we offer you the pleasure of spacious accommodation even if you are only staying for a few days. Our apartments have everything necessary for your stay, from a full kitchen through to linen, towels and small appliances such as a hair dryer and iron.

So you can be totally self sufficient and even cook meals if you so desire. However, there are many good restaurants close by – even within walking distance. In addition, there is public transport that makes getting here from the airport easy. So don’t be crammed up into a single hotel room; enjoy your stay more by renting our short term apartments so that you can spread out and have the comforts of home.

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