Self Contained Short Stay Apartments

Richmond Short Stay Apartments

Many people come to Melbourne for a holiday and like to get accommodation as close to the MCG or Rod Laver Arena as possible if they come for the cricket or the tennis. But after an exhausting day of cheering your team or tennis hero, you’ll really want to come back to comfortable accommodation. Our Richmond short stay apartments are a fantastic choice, located within walking or tramming distance of these sporting complexes.

Excellent Comfort and Amenities

You’ll be surprised by the available room in our Richmond short stay apartments, which have all the same amenities and features of a home. You don’t have to walk sideways to fit into the bathroom or trip over your luggage because there is nowhere to store it.

In addition, you can actually save money by having some or all of your meals at your accommodation. Even if you use easy to prepare frozen meals, it will be more affordable than dining at a restaurant every night. While it can be nice to dine out too, creating a balance between restaurants and home cooking will save you money.

Our Richmond short stay apartments in Melbourne contain everything you need for your short or long stay, whether that is to be two days or two weeks. In the past, such apartments were only available on a long-term basis, but this has now changed to both short and long stays. At Richmond Lodge, we understand that people like to experience the same comfort and amenities they have at home even on a short trip or holiday.

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Richmond Lodge is strictly for non smokers only!!!